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Story of Serial Yaghi Part 16

Javid is nobody and has no statistics or identity card. But it is the whole existence of Abra and all the work of Ati. Javid has no choice but to be a rebel in love and life…

Director: Mohammad Kart | Genre: Social, Criminal, Drama, Mystery | Production: 1400 | Published: 1401

Number of episodes: 20 episodes | Duration of this episode: 110 minutes | Quality: BluRay

Format: MP4 | Special Home Show | Producer: Maziar Hashemi

about Serial Yaghi

Yaghi Part 16 is a social, criminal, drama, family and mystery series directed by Mohammad Kart and produced by Seyed Maziar Hashemi on the Home Theater Network, produced in 1400; The script of this series has also been written by Mohammad Kart, Pedram Pouramiri and Hossein Amiri Dumari based on the novel “Salto” by Mehdi Afroozmanesh, produced by Cheshmeh; Perhaps at first glance, in the first episode of the Rebel series, the most important thing that stood out most was the professional production and above the standard of the series compared to other home theater works; Mohammad Kart, with the care and obsession he brought with him from the cinema, together with a concerned production team, tried to produce a standard and respectable work, and this point was fully felt in all aspects of production.

Trailer Serial Yaghi

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Agents and creators of the Yaghi series
The script of the Yaghi series was written by Pedram Pouramiri, Hossein Domari and Mohammad Kart over the past year and has been rewritten several times. You should know that the same writing team has the experience of writing the screenplay for the movie Butterfly Swimming. A film that was praised many times by critics and set many records in the broadcast of the home show network.

Cinematography director: Saman Lotfian, first assistant cameraman: Homan Khalili
Editor: Ismail Alizadeh
Stage designer: Hojat Ashtari
Costume designer: Mohammad Kart
Sound recording director: Saeed Zand
Production Manager: Masoud Zamani, Deputy Production Manager: Milad Molazadeh
Composer: Bammad Afshar
Sound design and composition: Arash Ghasemi
Makeup designer: Mohsen Darsanj
First assistant director: Iman Tavakoli
Planning manager: Vahid Kashi
Stage secretary: Maria Mirenjad
Computer special effects designer: Amin Pehlvanzadeh
Field special effects designer: Arash Aghabeyg
Photographer: Majid Talebi, Pemoudeh Baran
Logo designer: Mohammad Rohol Amin
Title designer: Hamed Barei Tabari
Behind-the-scenes documentary: Javad Razzaghizadeh
Procurement manager: Seyyed Rasool Hatami
Etalonage: Roshana Studio
Technical support: Hamid Ledni

Yaghi Part 16

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