Shahrake Kelile va Demne Part 2

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Story of Shahrake Kelile va Demne

When nature is destroyed and you leave the earth instead of trees, iron and cement, the poor animal has no choice but to urbanize. Khotan and Khomar, the two young deer in our story, also sell Dasht-e Naz in the hope of a better life in their homeland, and buy a small apartment in the town of Kelileh and Demneh.

Seda Pishgan: Azadeh Moayedifard, Amir Hossein Seddiq, ع Masoud Keramati, Maryam Saadat, Jaleh Sameti, Amir Miragha, Lily Rashidi, Fariba Jedikar, Behzad Omrani, Nader Borhani ‌ Marand, Farzad Hassani, Mohammad Asgari, Bahador Maleki, Ramin Naser Nasir, Mohammad Reza Yousef Bakhtiari, Mehdi Shahpiri, Sara Eghbal, Azin Raouf, Alireza Nasehi, Mahyar Mujib, Nazi Khatami, Anali Shakoori, Saeed Mousavieh Razi, Azadeh Ismailkhani, Marjan Pourgholamhossein and Marzieh Boroumand

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Genre: Shahrake Kelile va Demne



Quality: شهرک کلیله و دمنه



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