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Made In Iran 3 Episode 6

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Story of Sakhte Iran 3

Gholam is a diver in southern Iran. He is interested in stars. One day, the star, who has raised a heavy debt and Zoli has been ordered to arrest him, asks the slave for help. The slave decides to help the star. Gholam enlists the help of Morteza to solve the star problem. Gholam and Morteza get together and throw themselves into a lot of trouble, while every obstacle they face, they see a bigger obstacle in their way that they have to overcome. On the other hand, Siavash, because of his love for Shirin, should follow Sotoudeh, Shirin’s ex-husband, and find out what Sotoudeh is looking for, because Shirin is seeking revenge on Sotoudeh. Gholam, who already knows Siavash, needs Siavash’s help to solve one of the problems he faces, and this causes Siavash to join Gholam and Morteza, and the story of the star’s debt to Zoli and The story of sweet revenge on Sotoudeh is intertwined.

Genre: Comedy, Family | Year of publication: 2022 | Language:Persian

Manufacturing Country: Iran | Director: Bahman Goodarzi

Publisher: IranMoviez

about Sakhte Iran 3

Made in Iran 3 is an Iranian series in the family comedy genre, directed by Bahman Goodarzi, and produced by Saeed Khandaghabadi and Behrooz Khosh Razm. Bahman Goodarzi, who has previously made popular movies and series for television in the genres of drama, comedy and social, this time with the production of Iran 3 has gone to a comedy story. In this series, which is one of the best home drama series, actors such as Amin Hayaee, Majid Salehi, Anahita Dargahi, Hooman Bargh Noord, Mina Vahid, Elham Korda, Hossein Omidi, Behrang Alavi, Mohammad Reza Solati, Noushin Tabrizi, Izz al-Din Tawfiq, Saeed Amir Soleimani , Gholamreza Nikkhah, Nader Soleimani, Zandegiyad Ezatullah Mehravaran, Ayesha Gol Joshkan, Mahan Kashfi and Berdia Goodarzi will play the roles.

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