Rozi Rozegrai Merikh Part 9

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Story of Rozi Rozegrai Merikh Part 9

On the ground, Nasser, an unlucky petty criminal and always losing bettor, wants to make the last and biggest gamble of his life. Until then, he must hide himself from the enemies who thirst for his blood….. On Mars, Luna, the Earth-Mars lady and Martian real estate consultant, busy with problems of work and family life, awaits. It is a mysterious package that is going to reach him from the ground…

Director: Peyman Qasim Khani and Mohsen Chegini Genre: Comedy, Fantasy Publication year: 1401

Number of episodes: N/A | Duration of this episode: 52 minutes Quality: BluRay

Format: MP4 Special home show Producer: Mohsen Chegini

about Serial Rozi Rozegrai Merikh Part 9

Once upon a time Mars series, unlike other works of Ghasem Khani and Chegini, placed a special theme in its heart. The fact is that this series was released on the home show network without a single news or notification. Of course, in the past, other serials have continued their work with complete silence and finally released their serials without any notification, but usually the movies and serials of these two people were always accompanied by certain margins before the start, and this time, one day. Once upon a time, Mars; It was released on July 21, 1401 on the home television network without any background or news.
We are in a time when all the creatures from different planets travel to Mars… how about you?

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