Meydan Sorkh Part 13


Meydan Sorkh Part 13 – IranMoviez
دانلود رایگان سریال میدان سرخ قسمت 13


Meydan Sorkh Part 13 - IranMoviez


Sheida is on a journey abroad to cure her daughter, who changes her life forever because of her husband’s lies and secrets.

Director: Ebrahim Ebrahimian
Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
publish: 1400
Number of episodes: 15 episodes
Duration of each episode: 48 minutes
Quality: BluRay
Format: MP4
Product of Iran Producer: Javad Norouzebeigi


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about Meydan Sorkh:
Red Square is the first series by Ebrahim Ebrahimian on the Home Theater Network, written by Ali Masoudi-Nia and Sara Soltani and produced by Javad Norouzebeigi for 1400.
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