Mehmoni Part 18

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Story of Serial Mehmoni

There is a wedding hall next to Mr. Tahmasb’s new house, to which he has recently moved. So new puppet characters, most of whom are the staff of this wedding hall, are added to his life and figure out interesting events.

Genre: Comdey, Family | Year of Publish: 1401 | Quality: Bluray

Duration of this episode: 68 minutes | Product of Iran Producer: Hassan Khodadadi

Publisher: IranMoveiz

Voice actors

Hotan Shakiba, Kazem Siyahi, Soheil Mostajabian, Eli Emami, Amir Adib and Nazanin Shabani

about Serial Mehmoni

Serial Mehmoni (The guest of the puppet series), comedy and talk show written, directed and hosted by Iraj Tahmasb on the home theater network is a product of 1400, which is also produced by Hassan Khodadadi; The Guest Series is a fun and talkative program in which Iraj Tahmasb, along with funny and lovable puppets, hosts well-known figures in the field of art and sports; In this collection, new and different puppet characters will be unveiled; In previous years, the Red Hat program, performed by Iraj Tahmasb, was one of the most popular programs during the Nowruz holiday; But it has been several years since the new series of this program was produced; Now, after 4 years away from television and cinema, Tahmaseb will be your guest with a different program from Red Hat called “Guest”; Iraj Tahmasb’s program has provided a new opportunity for him to return to the field of cinema and programming, which is broadcast weekly on the home theater network; According to Iraj Tahmasb, all the characters in the Red Hat TV series are owned by the Broadcasting Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and none of the characters in the series will be present at the party; Also, Hamid Jeblai, who has previously appeared in most of Tahmaseb’s works, is not present in this program; However, a number of voice actors, puppet directors, and especially puppet makers of the Red Hat series (Marzieh Mahboob) are active in the guest collection; The guest series will be broadcast on the home theater network from April 1401 and will bring happy and entertaining moments for the audience.

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