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story of  film Gashte Ershad 3

In the movie Ershad 3, Hassan and Atta (played by Polad Kimiaei and Saed Soheili) return to Iran after many years and are forced to play in the streets for a living. But after a while, the longing for singing does not leave them until they decide to release a music album. But because they are in financial difficulties, they decide to go to a large landowner in Lavasan (played by Behnam Bani) and steal him. But after a while, he becomes friends with her and the big landlord decides to support Hassan and Atta and bear the full cost of producing their music album. In this path, strange things suddenly happen that cause great pain to all three of them.

Movie Genre: Comedy, Social | Year of production: 1399

publish: 1400 | Audience: Family

Format: MP4 | Producer: Saeed Soheili

about Gashte Ershad 3:

Patrol Ershad 3 or Patrol 3 is a social and comedy film directed by Saeed Soheili and written by Hesam Samarizadeh, which was made in 1399 and entered the theatrical network in 1400; The film was produced by Saeed Soheili and filmed by Massoud Salami; This film is the third series of best-selling films of Patrol Guidance and is a sequel to two films Patrol Guidance 1 and Patrol Guidance 2.

Full of ambiguous jokes
“Patrol 3” is similar to the second part of the film and is far from “Guidance Patrol”. The reason for Hamid Farrokhnejad’s absence in the film is narrated with an irrational and imaginary scenario, and then we see the beginning of different adventures for “Hassan” played by Saed Soheili, “Atta” played by Polad Kimiaei and their acquaintance with a singer. Adventures that you should not involve yourself in its details and logic! The film tries to make the audience laugh through ambiguous verbal jokes, but this attempt does not yield much and does not meet the audience’s expectations.

Although the character played by Amir Jafari in the film is different from the character of “Abbas” played by Hamid Farrokhnejad, it has been used to fill the gap in Farrokhnejad’s presence. Behnam Bani also has a strong presence in the story and the film puts the finishing touches on him. At first, she appears with a different make-up, but according to the story, she is seen very soon with the same usual appearance of “Behnam Bani”.


The film’s critical joke and the actor’s migration
After the delay in the release of “Patrol 3”, speculations about the film not being released due to Reyhaneh Parsa’s migration intensified, but the film was shown without removing Parsa’s sequences. On Wednesday, Ismaili, the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, in a meeting with members of the Supreme Council of Cinema Producers, without mentioning “Patrol 3”, stated that the capital of a director and producer should not be endangered due to the behavior of an actor. It was on this basis that despite the removal of Parsa’s name and image from the movie poster, the sequences of his presence were not removed from the movie.

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