Bi Gonah Part 4

Bi Gonah Part 4

In the synopsis of the innocent story, it is stated: “Bahman Mardani returns to Iran to discover the secret of what caused him to flee abroad 25 years ago, and puts the family of Rashid Farshbaf – a famous master of carpet design – in a new situation, a very strange situation. …”

Mohsen Kiaei, who has a history of writing popular series such as Hamgah, in this series, along with Emad Rezaininik and Reza Alipour, has written a story full of twists and turns that brings the audience together with all the characters of the story.

In the first part, you will definitely be surprised by the events that in the next parts you have to search for its mysteries in the fabric of the characters and the relationships between them.

Innocent, directed by Mehran Ahmadi, was made in 1400. This series is produced in Iran and in the family and drama genre.

This series, which is a social drama, was directed by Mehran Ahmadi and will be broadcast from Sunday, September 6.

This series was written by Emad Rezaei Nik and Reza Alipour under the supervision of Mohsen Kiaei.

In this romantic series, Mohsen Kiaei, Vishka Asayesh, Shabnam Moghadami, Mehran Ahmadi, Mahor Alvand, Nasrin Nosrati, Hosseinpour Karimi, Hadida Bazund, Navid Laighi, Manouchehr Zinda Di, Danya Madani, Mobina Tabaei, Mehran Vatoghi

This series is available in three different qualities for you to download and watch.

Director: Mehran Ahmadi

Producer: Mustafa Kiaei

Author: Emad Rezaei Nik and Reza Alipour

Bi Gonah Part 4

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